What to Expect

What can I expect during my visits?

All psychological intervention at Satori Place of Awakening is conducted face-to-face.  All consultations last for 50 minutes. 


At your first consultation, your treating psychologist will conduct an initial assessment, which involves asking you detailed questions about what has brought you to seek support, so that they can assess how best to assist you.  This initial assessment also covers routine questions regarding your background and current situation, as well as your personal and medical history.  You may also be asked to fill in one or more questionnaires, to assess the severity of your current challenges and the impact of those on your ability to go about your everyday life. 

Utilising this information, as well as any information that may have been provided by your referring doctor, you and your treating psychologist can jointly identify therapeutic goals to guide your treatment.  Your treating psychologist will use one or more of the therapeutic approaches used at Satori Place of Awakening to assist you in working on your therapeutic goals.   


How do I get referred to Satori Place of Awakening?

You are welcome to refer yourself to Satori Place of Awakening as a private client.  Alternatively, your GP or psychiatrist can refer you under one of the funding streams below.


Funded Sessions

All psychologists at Satori Place of Awakening are approved to provide services under the following funding options: 

  • Medicare’s Better Access Initiative

    • The Medicare rebate under this initiative reduces the cost per session.Eligible clients can get up to 10 sessions per calendar year.


  • Stepped Care Psychological Therapies

    • Sessions funded under this funding stream are free of charge for eligible clients, who can get up to 12 sessions per calendar year (and up to 18 sessions in exceptional circumstances).

Employer-funded Sessions

  • Queensland Police Service (QPS)

    • Upon receipt of an appropriate referral by an authorised QPS referring staff member, a QPS employee may receive three fully-funded sessions.Approval of further fully-funded sessions is at the discretion of the authorised QPS referring staff member.


Privately-funded Sessions

You also have the choice of referring yourself to Satori Place of Awakening, without a referral from a GP, psychiatrist or employer.  In this case, your sessions will be charged to you at the fee per session that is valid at the time of your appointment.  You will then receive a receipt, which you can submit to your private health insurer for reimbursement, should you wish to do so.

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