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What to Expect

How do I get referred to Satori Place of Awakening?

You are welcome to refer yourself to Satori Place of Awakening in one of the following ways:

1. Fill in the enquiry box in the "Contact" section of this website

2. Send an email to

3. Send a WhatsApp message to +39 351 328 0252


Alternatively, your doctor, psychiatrist, or other health practitioner can refer you using the email, or, by sending a fax to 07 4231 9899.

Employer-funded Sessions:

  • Queensland Police Service (QPS, Australia)

    • Upon receipt of an appropriate referral by an authorised QPS referring staff member, a QPS employee may receive three fully-funded sessions. Approval of further fully-funded sessions is at the discretion of the authorised QPS referring staff member.

What if I am located in another country?


You are welcome to book a session regardless of where in the world you are located.  Cristina Giai-Coletti is fully insured to provide psychological intervention and support to people worldwide. 

What can I expect during my visits?

At your first consultation, your treating psychologist will conduct an initial assessment, which involves asking you questions about what has brought you to seek support, so that they can assess how best to assist you.  This initial assessment also covers routine questions regarding your background and current situation, as well as your personal and medical history.  You may also be asked to fill in one or more questionnaires, to assess the severity of your current challenges and the impact of those on your ability to go about your everyday life. 

Utilising this information, as well as any information that may have been provided by your referring health practitioner, you and your treating psychologist can jointly identify therapeutic goals to guide your treatment.  Your treating psychologist will use one or more of the therapeutic approaches used at Satori Place of Awakening to assist you in working on your therapeutic goals.   

Therapy is based upon you, the client, and your psychologist working together, in a collaborative way.  

All consultations are 50 minutes in duration and take place in English.

Can I claim my invoice from my health insurance?

Payment is made immediately after each session via a secure payment method, i.e. Stripe.  Thereafter, you will be emailed with a paid invoice that you can submit to your private health insurer, should you wish to do so.  If your health insurer requires that ICD codes are inserted into your invoice, please let us know.

Medicare Australia cannot be claimed as Cristina Giai-Coletti is not currently located in Australia. 

How much does a session cost?

Please feel free to contact us with an enquiry about cost (see contact options at the top of this page) and we will send you information regarding session cost that is current at the time of your enquiry.  Thank you. 

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